Clean KDM Theme

I am hosting for simoo his Clean KDM Theme. They are very nice, just the way you want your KDM login to look like. You can grab it here

Here are the screenshots of the theme included

KDM Clean  Theme - Clean Drops

Clean KDM  Theme - Clean Swirl

Clean KDM  Theme - Clean Toffee

Clean Drops (click the picture to enlarge) Clean Swirl (click the picture to enlarge) Clean Toffee (click the picture to enlarge)

I found this very nice KDE splash screen made by vasszoltan and thought that it could be a very nice KDM Theme. The theme is « optimized » for widescreen but works perfectly on a 4/3 screen. The only difference is that the sphere look a little distorted. Should you want a real 4/3 version, feel free to contact me either on the kde-look page or though my contact page.

The download is available here

DNA KDM  Theme

Click on picture to see a bigger preview of DNA KDM Theme
Sunrise at top of mount Fuji KDM Theme

Another Japan based KDM theme. This one is from a picture I took after climbing mount Fuji during the night. We could enjoy the sunrise at the top and I think this picture looks very nice. Therefore, I decided to turn it into a KDM theme. I only tested it on a weidescreen. If you try it on a 4/3 screen and see any problem, please report it either on kde-look or using the contact page
The download is available here

Sunrise at  top of Mount Fuji KDM Theme

Click on picture to see a bigger preview of Sunrise at top of mount Fuji KDM theme
Kamakura Buddha KDM Theme

Here it is a new KDM theme I made after the Vista-like (see bottom of the page). I optimized this one for widescreen (well, I only have a laptop with wide screen at the moment so I cannot tell if it looks good on a 4/3).
This one is based on a picture I made of the big Buddha of Kamakura, Japan. Download is available here.

Kamakura  Buddha KDM Theme preview

Click on picture to see a bigger preview of Kamakura Buddha KDM theme
Color White Kbfx Theme

This is just a clean and nice theme for kbfx. In my opinion it looks quite good and I hope you will like it!
Here it is what it looks like

The different buttons How it looks on a desktop (click the pic to enlarge)

You can dowload the theme here
Comments can be send through the contact page


Framegrabber is designed to extract stills evenly spaced from a video that is seekable and supported by Mplayer. It is an equivalent for Linux of the well-known imagegrabber or imagegrabberII that exists for Windows user.Framegrabber then combine them in a mosaic image allowing preview of the movie. Number of frames to extract and size of the frames can be modified via options.

Framegrabber depends on Mplayer and Imagemagick

Options :
-h : print help message
-n : number of stills to extract
-s : size of each stills

framegrabbing -n 50 -s 150 my_video will create a mosaic of 50 stills of 100 pixels each. If you use framegrabber my_video, framegrabber will extract 20 stills of 100 pixels

Here it is what it looks like on one of the file I host on my video page

framegrabber - imagegrabberII for Linux

Download framegrabber here.
Make it executable either by GUI or in terminal chmod +x framegrabber.
Then, you can put a soft link to have it executable from any directory : sudo ln -s location_of_framegrabber/./framegrabber /bin/framegrabber

Comments can be send through the contact page

A new project of framegrabber with a GUI interface is now available on sourceforge. You can find it by following this link

Vista KDM
Un thème pour KDM que j’ai créé et qui ressemble à l’écran d’accueil de Windows Vista se trouve ici si vous avez un écran large et si vous avez un écran 4/3. Commentaires et problèmes rencontrés peuvent être adressés via la page Contact.
La photo d’accueil (Tux sur la capture d’écran) peut être modifiée de la façon suivante : décompressez l’archive, changez la photo pic.png par une autre de votre choix (qui doit s’appeler aussi pic.png et mesurer 118 x 118 pixels) et recompressez le dossier. Vous pouvez maintenant installer le thème.

A KDM theme that looks like Windows Vista login screen can be found here if you have a widescreen and there if you have a 4/3 screen. You can provide feedback and suggestion through this Contact page.
You can change the login picture (Tux in the screenshot) by doing the follwing. Extract the archive. Change the pic.png with your own picture. This picture should also be named pic.png and the size must be 118 x 118 pixels. Afterwards, recompress the folder and install the theme.

KDM Vista  Theme

Vista KDM Theme.

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